The North Face – Chicago

John Hancock Center, Chicago, Illinois

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Specialty Structural Display

When The North Face retail team wanted to enhance the retail experience for shoppers at their Michigan Avenue store in the John Hancock Center, they created a striking sculptural Super Cairn.* It was designed to emulate the North Face of a mountain. The iconic Super Cairn structure is centrally located in the stairwell between two floors and serves as an inspiration to customers to push the boundaries of discovery and physical endurance. Having successfully worked with m Coy Group on other showcase multi-media display units, The North Face approached m Coy Group to see if this project was feasible.

m Coy Group took on the challenge of The Super Cairn structure, which rises 34 feet high, wraps around an existing structural column and incorporates multi-media displays. An amazing detail is that there is only one 90 degree corner in the entire structure. The structure was created in sections for logistics and ease of installation.

Services that m Coy Group provided for this project include:

  • 3-D Modeling used for both design approvals and fabrication;
  • Integrity-based value engineering™ for fabrication and installation;
  • Integrate LED Monitors and Digital Media Players into the system;
  • Fabrication; and
  • Logistics and Installation

* Cairns are structures created with natural materials (stone, metal or wood), erected in unnatural ways to mark mountain biking and hiking trails and other cross-country trail blazing especially in mountain regions at or above the tree line.

m Coy Group was selected for this high profile assignment because of our reputation for attention to detail, our commitment to quality, our commitment to get the job done on time as designed and our capability to work with a variety of materials and technologies.

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