Scamp & Scoundrel – New Jersey

Garden State Plaza, New Jersey

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Prototype Concept Store

Scamp & Scoundrel, a division of Ultra Diamonds, offers an eclectic blend of fashion jewelry, gifts and accessories ranging from glitz, leather, metals and resins, to high-end trendy statement pieces.

The prototype concept store presented the challenge of creating a retail environment, décor and fxtures to match the “found and gathered, yet curated” style of the Scamp & Scoundrel brand. Many of the key fxtures were found objects re-purposed for the stores or were created to look like found objects. All were to be accomplished within tight budget requirements.

m Coy Group’s collaboration with the design team and the retailer began as the store took form in the planning to develop, engineer and fabricate practical décor and fxture solutions. Using our design thinking approach, proven skills with faux fnishes and ability to work with a wide range
of materials in uncommon applications, m Coy Group added unique problem solving abilities to the team.

The challenging prototype store successfully met the concept objectives while achieving the operational needs, budget and schedule of Scamp & Scoundrel. The services m Coy Group provided for the project included:

  • Concept and fixture development;
  • Material sampling, testing and fixture mock-ups;
  • Integrity based value engineering™;
  • Fixture solutions integrating LED lighting for lighting and display boxes;
  • Work with a variety of materials – wood, metal, plastic, found objects;
  • Replication and faux finishing; and
  • Fixture package fabrication, logistics and installation.

m Coy Group was selected for this high profile assignment because of our reputation for attention to detail, our commitment to quality, our commitment to get the job done on time as designed and our capability to work with a variety of materials and technologies.

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