The North Face

Easton Town Center, Columbus, Ohio

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Multi-Media Unit – Community Board

The North Face retail group wanted to develop a showpiece multimedia display for the main entry of their stores. m Coy Group was chosen to fabricate the first unit for the new store at Easton Town Center in Columbus, Ohio. The entry display incorporates The North Face branding, employs an LCD monitor, showcases products and serves as a community message board. Services m Coy Group provided for this project include:

  • Fabrication and installation techniques from concept and rough sketches that were provided by the design team;
  • Engineer the structure, wiring and ventilation of display system;
  • All wiring and connections are internal with no visible wiring to distract from the merchandising function;
  • Solution integrates LED lighting for backlit signs, light and display boxes that are run by a single transformer; and
  • Excellent energy efficiency with an easy to maintain merchandising display unit.

m Coy Group was selected for this high profile assignment because of our reputation for attention to detail, our commitment to quality, our commitment to get the job done on time as designed and our capability to work with a variety of materials and technologies.

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