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Skinny Dip Cooling River

Make Meaning is an award-winning, first of its kind retail destination for fun and creativity. It offers world-class retail entertainment featuring over 50 creative activities geared toward children and adults. The fun with craft opportunities includes activities to create and customize Soap, Candles, Jewelry, Ceramics, Glassware, Cakes and more. Make Meaning has achieved “Best of New York” honors awarded by New York Magazine. Candle making is one of the key experiences within the Make Meaning retail concept. After the hot wax is poured in the mold it takes 45 minutes for a candle to be cool enough to take home – a long time to wait. Our challenge was to reduce that wait time from 45 minutes to something significantly more customer and child friendly. Make Meaning knew that a hot candle mold placed in a cooling bath of water reduces the cool time from 45 minutes to 15 minutes. m Coy Group was brought in to develop and create an elegant cooling bath to become a signature show piece in the retail environment. The final Skinny Dip incorporates sculptural front panels, waterfall, changing LED lights programmed to the six brand colors, plumbing, filtering, water chillers and material storage.

The resulting Skinny Dip cooling river achieved Make Meaning’s fixture, visual merchandising and customer experience needs with an elegant, cost effective solution. The services m Coy Group provided for the project included:

  • Concept and Fixture Development;
  • Engineering
  • Integrity-Based Value Engineering™ Services;
  • Material Specification and Product Testing;
  • Mockups;
  • Fixture Fabrication; and
  • Logistics and Installation.

m Coy Group was selected for this high profile assignment because of our reputation for attention to detail, our commitment to quality, our commitment to get the job done on time as designed and our capability to work with a variety of materials and technologies.

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