American Greetings Kindred Store

New Corporate World Headquarters - Westlake, Ohio

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American Greetings Corporation is the largest greeting card company in the world and counts Gibson Greetings, Carlton Cards, Recycled Paper Greetings and Papyrus among its impressive list of brands. It is a leader in meaningful connections, dedicated to making the world a more thoughtful and caring place. When they outgrew their Cleveland, Ohio facility and began design of their new Westlake, Ohio facility, high on a wish list of features for the new home was a one-of-a-kind company store. A concept was developed to showcase “out of the box” retail display ideas for large accounts while also providing employees with access to exclusive items, local art showcases and more. It was essential for the spirit of American Greetings’ hometown to shine through in the overall vision.

The challenge was to incorporate a diverse mix of products to be displayed in an upscale, design-forward method not found at a typical big box retailer or grocery store.  The developed design specified locally inspired design elements, matching them to the custom-designed fixtures with nontraditional geometry and resulting in a contemporary environment to provide abundance warmth with hometown charm. An additional challenge was the component design for tapered hexagon cubes that required 3-D modeling and a 5-axis machining unit to fabricate all the perfectly matched angles of the tapered and twisting sides of the fixtures.

m Coy Group was brought in during the concept phase to engineer the fixtures and select the materials best suited to fulfill the design intent. It was important for American Greetings to use local materials and local companies in the construction of their new world headquarters company store. m Coy Group was chosen because of our demonstrated experience in producing exacting fixtures with a design-forward thinking approach and our location, 30 miles from new headquarters.

The project services m Coy Group provided for the Kindred Corporate Store are:

  • Concept and fixture development
  • Detailing and engineering
  • Technology Integration
  • Integrity Based Value Engineering™ and
  • Fixture package fabrication, logistics, delivery and installation.

m Coy Group was selected for this high profile assignment because of our reputation for attention to detail, our commitment to quality, our commitment to get the job done on time as designed and our capability to work with a variety of materials and technologies.

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