m Coy Group Contributes to Wrangler


Early in the design process, m Coy Group was selected by the retail design firm JGA to contribute our expertise to the fixture and décor package for the Original Wrangler Store.

As m Coy Group reviewed sketches of the new retail environment, we realized that we had a substantial challenge ahead of us. We needed to develop the diverse elements of this rustic fixture and décor package – a design initially conceived to be built on site by skilled carpenters – into one that also delivered efficient fabrication and installation. Our approach was to engineer modular fixture systems that could be combined in various configurations as warranted by the merchandising plan.

One example of this was the jeans cubby wall. The finished cubby wall, complete with library rail and rolling ladder, would have cost significantly more to build on site than the modular system that we fabricated and assembled at the store. The result: a stunning display that delivers the capacity to support Wrangler’s philosophy of never out of your size and style.

The custom solutions we conceived for the Original Wrangler Store are typical examples of our dedication to deliver results that preserve the designer’s intent and take into account the demands of daily retail operation. Because we were brought into this project early, the prototype store was delivered at an effective price.

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